All recipes posted on this blog are compliant with the slow carb diet (please note, some recipes indicate they are for CHEAT DAY only). Many of my recipes also comply with the paleo and keto diets. Unless otherwise specified, all recipes are gluten-, grain-, soy-, corn-, sugar-, and dairy-free – while I occasionally use butter, this is an easy substitute. Additionally, many recipes that are not vegetarian may be tagged as such if changing two or less ingredients will make it vegetarian (e.g. swapping out chicken stock for vegetable stock or bacon grease for oil). Please read all ingredients carefully as I do often use nut products such as almond flour and cannot provide a 100% guarantee that every item is safe for every specific diet. If you see that I am using an ingredient that claims to be free of something and you know otherwise, please let me know.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site should under no circumstances be construed as medical advice or medical care. I am not a doctor, specialist, or nutritionist. I am just sharing my personal experiences, findings, and recipes. Please use common sense and consult your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or exercise routine. You are responsible for your own health, grab it by the horns.

PLEASE NOTE: Maintaining a blog is expensive and takes a lot of time, so I really appreciate your support when you purchase a product through a link on my site. While I may receive compensation through affiliate programs for sharing links to various products, all opinions are my own and NOT sponsored by another source. As often as possible, I link to items I use regularly in my home. If a specific item cannot be found (or has ridiculous prices/shipping), I will link to a comparable product. I do my best to share reasonable, useful products and normal prices and “Prime” shipping options (for Amazon links). Again, all opinions and product endorsements are my own.

© slowcarbsnacktime 2013
All text, graphics, photos, and other materials are my own unless otherwise stated. Please do not use or reproduce anything on this site without my consent. If you would like to use any of my recipes or photos, please contact me through the Contact form or e-mail me at slowcarbsnacktime@gmail.com.


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